Name: A Boy Named John
Genre: Alternative Punk
Hometown: Parsippany, NJ


Christian Singh - Vocals
Josh Lustig - Guitar
Jack Lips - Guitar
Paul Singh - Keys/Guitar
Nick Spillert - Bass
Brandon marTinez - drums


So We Live | So We Die
Release Date: June 24, 2016

So We Live | So We Die Album Art copy.png

Album Sampler

Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Kevin Kumetz (With the Punches, I Am the Avalanche, Seaway)
Mastered by Michael White (Whitney Houston, Talking Heads)




Circuits leave the Lights Off Artwork.jpg

Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Brett Romnes (The Barber Shop Studios)
The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche, Boston Manor, Sorority Noise, Somos, Free Throw

Mastered by Chris Gehringer (Sterling Sound)
twenty one pilots, Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Rihanna


Top 5 streaming spotify tracks

"Gentlemen" - 280,000+

"Sir Rock" -  26,000+

"Don't Kill the messenger" - 23,000+

'please excuse the acronym" - 20,000+

"lost in the haze" - 12,000+


A Boy Named John have been featured on Spotify's Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and 2017 Unwrapped Playlists. Their song "Don't Kill the Messenger" was also featured in Alternative Press' #FEELS playlist in April of 2016. 


"Sir Rock"


"GENTLEMEN" (Acoustic Version) 


"LILLIAN" (cover) - originally by the dear hunter

PROMO Photos 

Performance Shots


We have pretty amazing fans. Here are just a few!


Brief Biography

A Boy Named John establishes a tasteful mixture of explosive punk rock and post-hardcore components with gentle indie elements to concoct a new take on a classic Jersey alternative rock sound. The band consists of vocalist Christian Singh, guitarists Josh Lustig and Jack Lips, bassist Nick Spillert, keyboardist/guitarist Paul Singh, and drummer Brandon Martinez. In their 2016 debut album So We Live | So We Die, the group delivers their outspoken message by incorporating the delicacy of theatrical instrumentals, powerful vocal melodies, and their insightful and narrative lyrics. Their song “Gentlemen” has become a staple in the New Jersey music scene and beyond for its impactful stand against sexual assault. A Boy Named John is currently working on new material to follow So We Live | So We Die and are striving to cultivate a bigger and bolder sound that will take them to the next level.

Full Biography

New Jersey alternative punk rockers A Boy Named John have consistently raised their voices on important issues in today’s society and have delivered their message by incorporating the delicacy of theatrical-punk instrumentals, powerful vocal melodies, and insightful lyrics into their debut full length album, So We Live | So We Die. The band consists of vocalist Christian Singh, guitarists Josh Lustig and Jack Lips, bassist Nick Spillert, keyboardist/guitarist Paul Singh, and drummer Brandon Martinez. Independently released in the summer of 2016, So We Live | So We Die became an ignitor in the northern New Jersey music scene and has quickly spread to new fans in countries all around the world.

With the release of their album, Rumored Nights Press notes that “they spend countless hours developing their own distinct sound, and take risks that other bands may shy away from.” They added, “However, those risks definitely paid off, and their new album is proof.” Each song on the album reflects on the world and interpersonal trials while also learning how to deal with loss. “I wanted to write more than just words on a page or text on a screen. Being so young and fairly new to the world it was hard for me to gather my thoughts in an organized way and apply it musically to what I was feeling”, vocalist Christian Singh states. “‘Don’t Kill The Messenger’ was the hardest song for me to write because of my experience with heartbreak. It was easily the worst I’ve ever felt, and it was difficult for me to keep my emotions in line while still putting all of it out there.”

Recorded at Barber Shop Studios and produced by Kevin Kumetz (I Am The Avalanche, With the Punches, Sorority Noise) So We Live | So We Die takes on a new approach to punk music. Rather than focusing on riffs and pounding drums, A Boy Named John utilizes their musical prowess to devise dramatic chord progressions, moving melodies, and contrasting dynamic range. Sky Acord, bassist of the band ISSUES tweeted about their song “Sir Rock” saying, “Yo this is sick. Very impressive songwriting, I haven't heard a local band this good in 5evr”. The lineup doesn’t follow the typical punk/alternative rock band formula. Their instrumentation consists of vocals, three guitarists, bass, keyboard, and drums. Multitalented third guitarist/keyboardist, Paul Singh adds a whole new element to the music by not only filling in the gaps with ambiance, but also implementing a classical touch with his piano skills.

Each member of A Boy Named John dedicates their time and energy into writing meaningful and heartfelt lyrics. For instance, their fan-favorite track “Gentlemen” raises awareness about sexual violence and domestic abuse. “I felt like I needed to say something about this issue because I have a few really close friends that have been affected by sexual assault” says bassist Nick Spillert. “Too many victims have been left completely alone and I really wanted to bring them the solace that they might be looking for.” Not only has the band contributed to this movement through their music, but also through taking action and joining forces with the organization A Voice For the Innocent to speak up about the intense topic.

The band name itself not only strikes curiosity and conversation with those that come across it, but discover a whole hearted meaning behind it. Co-founders Josh Lustig (guitarist) and Brian Carter (former drummer) approached their middle school band director, John Sangiovanni, asking for advice on how to start the band and where to find decent vocal equipment. In his generosity, John donated PA speakers and mixer board to the young and eager musicians. Feeling as though they could not repay John enough for his benevolence, the guys dedicated the band name to him and his youthful spirit. In the past, John has also helped aspiring musicians early in their careers such as the legendary punk rock band, Green Day. He took photos for the band back in the day and even taught bassist Mike Dirnt how to play trombone. One can point him out holding a camera in the center on the cover of the Dookie album.

With a strong Do-It-Yourself background and resourceful connections in the local music scene, A Boy Named John has grown from playing school dances and locals bars to sharing the stage with nationally touring acts such as You Me At Six, Set It Off, Ice Nine Kills, The Academy Is, Waterparks and many more. In addition, A Boy Named John have toured up and down the American east coast over the years and have also reached the midwest and Canada in 2017. By performing at all of these shows, the enthusiastic musicians have grown into individual performers of their own; working together to put on a riveting show. With all sorts of influences and backgrounds that the six piece holds, Christian Singh notes, “I’ve really developed my showmanship through watching videos of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. I found it inspiring how much he invested into a performance: vocally, emotionally, and physically. I tried to be just like him, and along the way I found out exactly the kind of performer that I am”.

Over the years, A Boy Named John has attracted a loyal fanbase that is constantly growing. The stories go on and on about their dedicated fans. Many of them repeatedly attend shows and purchase their music and merch while others have flown across the country to see them play live. The band shares a close connection with their following and welcomes them on their journey by getting them involved with designing new merch and taking photos during shows. A Boy Named John is working nonstop to build their devoted fanbase by touring relentlessly and being frequently played on college radio stations such as 88.7 FM WPSC (William Paterson University) , 88.7 FM WRSU (Rutgers University) and 89.5 FM WSOU (Seton Hall University) to spread their music.  

The road ahead for A Boy Named John looks incredibly bright and the boys aren’t stopping until they’ve made their mark. “Being in the band has really shown us how to truly connect with people of all sorts through our music. We don’t see success as a dollar sign. Success to us is positively affecting as many people as possible through the music we write and building an infinite bond with our fans,” guitarist Josh states. “The main reasons why we started this band are simply to write music that we enjoy and to tour the world meeting as many people as possible.” A Boy Named John is currently working on new material to follow So We Live | So We Die and are striving to cultivate a bigger and bolder sound that will take them to the next level.


NJ.COM's "35 Bands You Need to Hear in 2017"
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The Aquarian Weekly -  North Jersey Notes:
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Skyler Acord - Bassist of ISSUES
"Yo this is sick. Very impressive songwriting, I haven't heard a local band this good in 5evr" [Read more]

Rumored Nights Press Artist Spotlight: A Boy Named John
"They spend countless hours developing their own distinct sound, and take risks that other bands may shy away from. However, those risks definitely paid off, and their new album is proof." [Read more]

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Infectious Magazine Album Review
"With its fast-paced melody and punk demeanor, the album is everything one could ever want out of a full-length album."

"This New Jersey band, however, solidified their corner of the alternative scene by honing in on their already-established sound and bringing in various, often untouched, musical influences into the mix." [Read more]

Myspace - "So We Live | So We Die" Album Stream Premiere
"In addition to poignant songwriting, the record also features outstanding production by Kevin Kumetz (Seaway, With The Punches, and I Am the Avalanche) and Michael White (Whitney Houston, The Rolling Stones and 3 Doors Down)." [Read more]

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Alternative Press #Feels Spotify Playlist
"Don't Kill the Messenger" was featured on AP's #Feels playlist in April 2016

College Radio regular rotation:

88.7 FM WPSC - William Paterson University

89.5 FM WSOU - Seton Hall University

88.7 FM WRSU - rutgers university


Notable shows and tours

Story Untold
Piranha Bar
Montreal, QC
Tickets sold: N/A

William Paterson University
Wayne, NJ
Tickets sold: N/A

Ice Nine Kills [Sold Out]
The Stanhope House
Stanhope, NJ
Tickets sold: 84 at $15

So We Live | So We Die Album Release Show [Sold Out]
Boonton, NJ
Tickets sold: 110 at $10 (110 ticket cap)

The Spill Canvas [Sold Out]
The Studio at Webster Hall
New York, New York
Tickets sold: 35 Tickets at $15 (35 ticket cap)

Never Shout Never,  Metro Station, Waterparks, Jule Vera
Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ
Tickets sold: 102 Tickets at $20

The Academy Is...
Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ
Tickets sold: 62 Tickets at $25  (8 days notice)

You Me at Six, Young Guns
Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ
Tickets sold: 144 Tickets at $20

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Stanhope House
Stanhope, NJ
Tickets sold: 80 Tickets at $15

Set It Off
The Radiant
Nutley, NJ
Tickets sold: N/A


A Boy Named John have played multiple sold out headlining shows at their local venue BoonTunes (100 cap) 

Notable Tours

So We Live | So We Drive 2017 Summer Tour


Canadian Weekender - Spring 2017

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 2.44.16 PM.png

Winter Tour 2017

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 8.05.39 PM.png

Relationships & Affiliations:

The Barber Shop Studios
Recording Studio
Recorded "So We Live | So We Die" with Producer/Engineer Kevin Kumtez
Recorded "Circuits" with Producer/Engineer Brett Romnes

Big Picture Media
Press and Public Relations
"So We Live | So We Die" Album Press Campaign

A Voice For the Innocent
Non-Profit Organization
Against Sexual Assault/Violence
A Boy Named John have helped raise about $1000 for AVFTI through playing benefit shows and additional donations.